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Accounting and consulting firm
D.A. CONSULT s.r.o.

Our accounting and consulting firm has been providing bookkeeping, payroll and advisory services in the Slovak market since 1995. The advantages we offer are high professional level of service, guaranteed services, and reasonable prices. Our team is composed of experienced and qualified personnel, who constantly raise their levels of expertise. Our priority is to provide professional services and advice, so that our clients can focus on their core business activities. In providing our services, we do our utmost to fulfil all requirements of each client, working for their benefit, while always complying with all applicable legislation. Of course, we respect and observe confidentiality on all matters, which are entrusted to us when providing our services to

Our clients, for whom we perform bookkeeping, maintain tax records and process payroll, are individuals and legal entities operating in in various sectors of the economy.

In addition to Slovak, we also work in English and Hungarian languages.

Why choose a service provider?

For the client, one of the advantages of having bookkeeping, tax record maintenance and payroll performed by a contractor – is the fact that responsibility is fully transferred to this service provider. If a client has bookkeepers on staff, he must pay wages and employment taxes, create an adequate working environment and conditions, supply software, computer and office equipment, provide meals, etc. Having own employees perform these tasks is not only expensive, but an especially high-risk undertaking. If they create errors in bookkeeping, tax records, or payroll, their liability is limited. In outsourcing these tasks, the client is relieved from having to deal with such problems. We, as the supplier of these services, assume the liability for the accuracy and timeliness of performing these tasks. We carry full liability insurance for any damages that may be caused by our bookkeepers in performing their work.